About The Book

Photo: Clint Grant/The Dallas Morning News
Build to Prosper is the New Manual for Innovation

Build to Prosper reveals the key business secrets to attaining sustainable pretax profits to invest in future innovation. In this guide, business owners will learn how to develop and implement an action plan that returns businesses to earning sustained pretax profits.

Based on thirty-five years of experience helping business owners break patterns that have derailed their businesses from “tracks of profitability,” Cam McConnell discloses eight economic theories that have trapped value in an owner's business and provides readers with a ten-step Business Modeling Methodology (BMM) for unlocking innovation.

McConnell’s Business Modeling Methodology dispels the previously touted economic theory of return on investment (ROI) as no longer relevant. Instead, he discloses that break-even theory and associated incremental margin contribution by increased sales volume is the cause of marginalized businesses.

Build to Prosper uncovers the real values in a business—“intellectual properties”—that provide the leverage necessary to return a business back to prosperity.

"Build to Prosper is not a book about Cam’s skills as an economist or professional. It is not a promotional work
designed to attract consulting clients and other business. Rather Cam seeks to share his secrets and trusted ideas
about the evolution of business and how to adapt to today’s changing economic environment."

—David W. Levene, Esq.-
Los Angeles, California

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