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My intention in writing and sharing the secrets in Build To Prosper is to encourage you to continue in faith and start to apply the BMM process to your business to build on the inheritance of your company and reap the prosperous rewards. The fruit of our labor to create new customers is, indeed, our purpose. Creating new customers will be accomplished by sustained pretax profits reinvested by you in your business for innovation. Your existing and new customers trust that you will innovate.

Build to Prosper is your new manual for innovation. Your mindset is critical toward building inheritances for our future generations. You have built your business from your original “visions” and “dreams.”

Abraham Lincoln had a dream, a vision. On July 13, 1862, before the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln told his Secretaries, Seward and Welles, that he (Lincoln) had come to the conclusion that “we must free the slaves or be ourselves subdued.” Yes, in conclusion, I encourage you to innovate and not face the possibility of becoming subdued.

And, remember, your business is the soil and the seed of your inheritance. Sustained pretax profits ensure your business will be prosperous for generations to come!

I would be most interested in hearing about your success with your action plan because I believe that your success can help others. Then, truly, we are students and teachers for each other. I am so grateful to you for reading this book, and I look forward to hearing from you. You can reach me at

"The timing of Build to Prosper could not be more relevant for business
owners and management teams today. Many of my clients have
successfully navigated the recent economic downturn but have
found themselves working very hard for little or no return."

—Greg Carasik
Executive Vice President, Director
Marquette Business Credit

Buiild To Prosper Book by Cameron J. McConnell

Buiild To Prosper Book by Cameron J. McConnell

Build to Prosper:
Secrets for Sustained Profitability

Business & Economics/Finance
ISBN: 978-1-61254-116-7
$23.95 – Hardbound, 208 pages, 5” X 7”
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